Monday, October 25, 2010


Hi everyone. I'll be blogging about the online game; Wizard101. If your interested, and want to learn more, I have a set of links that can get you started on Wizard101!
For the rest who know about Wizard101,this was on the Wizard101central homepage when I logged on,and its also on the Wizard101 Update Notes page.

"Test Realm Last Chance! We're on the home stretch and what you see in the Test Realm is almost ready to be moved in to the Live Game!

Please take the next 24 hours to madly test as much as you can in Celestia, and if all goes well, we'll be putting Celestia and all the other features up to the Live Game on Wednesday October 27th!"

You heard 'em folks, get on test and do as much as you can, because Celestia is soon to be on Live realm!

- dragonblade

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